#7 Magazine 7 September 2011

Ikea's daily show

Every day a new spot: an advertising industry first. Ikea and its Netherlands agency Lemz Amsterdam screened 365 commercials on the internet. A winning strategy.

Traditional marketing lore holds that repetition is one of the keys to successful advertising. But the strategy, which hails from the era of Mad Men, is beginning to wear thin.

Swedish flat pack furniture giant Ikea reinvented the idea for the digital era with its “Every day different” campaign in the Netherlands. As its name suggests, this involved placing an entirely new spot online every day, starting in September 2010.

The agency made the gambit economically possible by shooting an average of 15 spots a day over 25 days in the same Ikea store. Each spot places Ikea customers and staff in humorous situations featuring the store’s furnishings. The idea was to demonstrate that Ikea offers so much variety that it is never at a loss for something new to show.

By reflecting the seasons, as well as special occasions like the new school term or Christmas, the campaign underlined the presence of Ikea in its customers’ daily lives. Thanks to the store’s global presence, almost everyone owns at least one piece of Ikea furniture.

While Ikea has been affected by the financial crisis, the campaign has given it an edge in the Netherlands. After 250 commercials, spontaneous recollection of the brand among consumers was up 6 points and the number of respondents who confirmed that they had visited Ikea was up 4 percent on the previous year. A fact that may well be noted by other brands considering an online campaign.

Case study on YouTube:

Magazine 7 September 2011